Weogufka Center - For Arts, Entertainment, & Education Inc
The Weogufka Center Campus
Is 15.8 acres
23,000 square feet under Roof. The Facility is the Historic Old Weogufka High School.
West Coosa Elementary 
from 1988 until 2004

The Campus consist of the
Main School Building
Gym Building
Lunch Room Building
Home Economic Building
Ag Building
Outdoor Stage
Sorghum Syrup Mills
Mule Day show grounds
Sorghum Cane field
Baseball Practice Fields
All facilities are for rent for parties, Weddings, Receptions, Club Meetings, and other events.

 The Front entrance to the Gym Building which is where the dinner theatre is located and the location of all our indoor shows.

The Gym Building front where the Dinner Theatre is located 

  Dinner Theatre show room the location for our dinner shows.

The Dinner theatre room from the back of the room

The Stage area in the Dinner Theatre room

 Front of the main building from the south driveway.
The main building in the summer time from the south end of parking lot
The Ag building is located at the back of the north wing of the main building.
 The Home Economic Building is where all the small events are located. The Weogufka Songwriters meet in this building.
 The Weogufka Center Dinner Theatre is located in the gym building. All the monthly shows are held at this venue. Shown without decor for a show. 
 The Auditorium in the main building will be rebuilt and made into a show place for plays and part of the Old Farm Museum which will be located in the main building.
 The back of the main building showing the auditorium with the newly installed metal roof and the grounds for outdoor events.
 The gym building inside showing the stage which is used for monthly show and for special gospel shows each year. The room has also been the venue for bluegrass festivals, Central Baptist Sadar each year, Gospel shows with the biggest names in gospel music, dances and more.
 The back side of the lunch room building. This building is a venue for siminars, neighborhood watch, and voting location for the Weogufka area. This building home to the Mule Owners dinners, Pancake breakfast, and other events.
 The lunch room building houses the Health Department approved commercial kitchen. This all stainless kitchen prepares meals for shows in the dinner theatre and other events.
 The Cafeteria building set up for a siminar. The room may be used for wedding receptions and other events.
 The outdoor stage is located under the old oak tree in the back of the main building. This is the venue for outdoor shows and festivals.

The old oak tree is the location for all outdoor events at the Weogufka Center.
The Weogufka Center is owner and operator of all the building on the campus. The Historic Old Weogufka High School Campus is now being saved and transformed into the Weogufka Center for Arts, Entertainment, and Education. The Weogufka Center is 501-C-3 Corporation.
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