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Mule Day 2015
May 16th 
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Weogufka Mule Day 2014
The Biggest Mule Day Ever 
At the Weogufka Center
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Winner Best Plow Mule
Owner Mr. John Kendricks
Hackneyville Alabama
Mule Name "JOE"

Winner Best Team Plow Mules
Owner Mr. Earl Young
Blountsville Alabama
Mules Name "Sandy"
Mules Name "Mandy"

Winner Log Snaking
Owner Mr. Emory and Becky Combs
Waverly Alabama
Horses Name "Luck"
Horses Name "Lady"

Winner Travlers Award
Mule Owner who traveled the most distance to Weogufka Mule Day!
Mr. Earl Young
Blountsville Alabama

Winner Best Mules and Wagon
Owner Mr. Wayne Hawkings
Stewartville Alabama
Mules Name "Joe"
Mule Name "Kate"

Winner Best Horse and Wagon
Mr. John Harris
Rockford Alabama

Winner Best Mannered Mules
Owner Mr. Billy Wayne Mann
Goodwater Alabama
Mules Name "Mac"
Mule Name "Maude"

Winner Best Riding Mule
Owner Mr. Jerry Blake
Goodwater Alabama
Mules Name "Freddie Hart"

Winner Prettiest Mule
Owner Mr. Billy Wayne Mann
Goodwater Alabama
Mules Name "Buford"

Winner Prettiest Pair of Mules
Owner Mr. Wayne Hawkins
Stewartville Alabama
Mules Name "Joe"
Mules Name "Kate"

Winner Grand Champion Horse
Owner Mr. Emory Combs
Owner Mrs. Becky Combs
Waverly Alabama
Horses Name "Lucky"
Horse Name "Lady"

Judges for the Weogufka 2014 Mule Day 
Charles and Sherri
Goodwater Alabama
Weogufka Mule Day 2013

Meredith Andrew on Pearl the Grand Champion of Show
Mule Day April 20th 2013

Mule Day 2013 Winners:
Grand Champion Mule:
 Meredith Andrew with Mule Named “Pearl” 
 Best Riding Mule:
 Dean Adamson
 Best Mule and Wagon:
 Wayne Hawkins with “Joe And Kate” 
 Best Plow Mule:
John Kendrick with Mule Named “Joe” 
 Best Mannered Mule:
 John Kendrick with Mule named “Joe”
 Best Mannered Pair of Mules:
 Sidney Yates with Mules named “George and Emma” 
 Prettiest Mule:
Meredith Andrew with Mule Named “Pearl” 
 Prettiest Pair of Mules:
Billy Mann with mules named “Roscoe and Buford”

Weogufka Mule Day 2012
Grand Champion Mule At Show                Mr. John Kendrick
Best Plow Mule                                            Mr. Billy Mann
Best Riding Mule                                         Mr. Wayne Hawkins
Best Mannered Mule                                    Mr. Sidney Yates
Most Versatile Mule                                     Mr. Billy Mann
Prettiest Pair of Mules                                   Mr. Wayne Hawkins
Best Mannered Pair of Mules                       Mr. Sidney Yates
Best Team of Mule Working                          Mr. Donald Ellison
Best Team of Mules Backing                        Mr. Sidney Yates
Best Team of Mules Plowing                         Mr. Billy Mann
Travelers Award                                              Mr. Donald Ellison
Prettiest Horse at Show                                Mr. Allen Harwell
Weogufka Center for the Arts, Entertainment, and Education 
Mule Club Located in Historic Old Weogufka Alabama  
Call Billy Mann 256-839-5490
Email the Weogufka Center : weogufkacenter@weogufkacenter.com

To be a member call the Weogufka Center office 334-578-1364
There is no charge for Membership to the Weogufka Center Mule Owners Club.

 Check out The Photo's of Mule Day 2013
The Fifth Annual Weogufka Mule Day!

Check out the Photo's of past Mule Days and Events at The Weogufka Center below!
2012, 2011, 2010, and 2009
Too wet to plow was the situation at the 2012 Mule Day.
The buggys was ready for a day of riding people during Mule Day 2012
Pretty Mules are part of the great day of Mule Day Weogufka Center. But there is a lot more. Good Music on two big stages, Antique Tractors, Antique Cars, Vendors, and of course Good Food.
Orginal Work Wagon with Mule owned by Mr. Jerry Walker.
Petting them Mules is a way of Life at Mule Day
Mr. Billy Mann tried to plow but the ground was just too wet. a week of rain made it impossible. So the Mule Show was limited this year. But will be bigger and better next year.
PThe Way it was done in years gone by was demonstrated during Mule Day 2012 (OK so the tires are different)
Mr. Billy Mann Director of the Weogufka Mule Owners Club tells the folks a Mule Joke.
Riding in Style with the fancy buggy and Mule
Mr. Wayne Hawkins drives out to pick up passengers
Mr. Donald Ellison of Clanton Alabama bring the Mules and Wagon back to the campsite at the Weogufka center after a day of touring the country side. Donald and the guys from Clanton and Jemison came on Wednesday and spent the rest of the week touring by Mule and Wagon.
Mr. Wayne Hawkins hauls a wagon load of children and adults in his wagon pulled by a pair of pretty mules.
Mr. Sidney Yates rides kids in the covered wagon he uses to enter the North Alabama Wagon Train each going to the Rodeo in Mongomery.  Since the ground was so wet the Mule show could not be performed all the guys hitched up their wagons and rode the people all day.
Dr. Gary Geopp speaks to Mule Owners at Dinner.
Coosa County Extension Service Roger Vines introduces Dr Gary Keopp
Mule Owners Enjoy a Steak Dinner and a lot of tales about Mules.
Mule Owners Steak Dinner One of the many functions of the Weogufka Mule Owners Club
Grand Champion Mule at Show! 2011 "Joe" owned by Mr. John Kendrick. Presented by Judge Sara Baldwin
Most Unique Mule Award 2011 won by Billy Mann and his Mule "Buddy" presented by Judge Sara Baldwin
Best Mule and Wagon Working style 2011 won by Wayne Hawkins Presented by Judge Sara Baldwin
Best Riding Mule 2011 won by Wayne Hawkins. Presented by Judge Sara Baldwin
Best Mannered Pair of Mules 2011 won by Billy Mann presented by Judge Sara Balwin
Best Mannered Mule 2011 won by John Kendrick and his mule "Joe" Presented by Judge Sara Baldwin 
Best Team of Mules 2011 won by Wayne Hawkins. Presented by Judge Sara Baldwin
Best Plow Mule 2011 won by Joe Kendrick and his Mule "Joe" presented by Mule day judge Sara Baldwin 
Prettiest Mule 2011 won by Billy Mann and his Mule "Sorrel" Awarded by Mule day judge Sara Balwin.
Mr. Wayne Hawkin Mule and his Mule Lucy voted the number one People Choice Award for 2011. Presented in honor of the Ashli Denae Butler Memorial Scholarship Award 
Mr. John Kendrick accepts the People Choice Award  2011 from Ms. Butler for the Ashli Denae Butler Memorial Scholarship fund.

Mr. Billy Mann accepts one of the Peoples choice award 2011 given to benefit the Ashli Denae Butler Momorial Scholarship fund. 

Mules are made for riding. Weogufka Mule Day 2011 
Tractors at Mule Day 2011. 
   Mule riding a big thing at Mule Day 2011.  
Mr. Billy Mann M. C. at the 2011 Mule Day 
Mule ready for the big day. 
Sometimes you just have to talk about them Mules. 
Hitching demonstration at Mule Day 2011. Anyone who wants to learn may hitch the plow. 
Teaching the Young is a big part of the Mule Day at Weogufka Center.
All types of buggies fancy and other wise were at Mule Day 2011
Sometimes you just have to talk about the Mules. 
Mules and Wagons arrived two days before the Mule day event and toured the Weogufka Country Side. Mule Day 2011 
Mr. Wayne Hawkins plow on a two mule riding plow. Mule Day 2011 
Plowing a big field, One man-One Mule- One Acre- One 12 Hour Day = a days work in the old days.
Buggies was one of the attractions at Mule Day 2011.
Wagons and More Wagons. 
Weogufka Mule Day has all types of farm equipment. Pictured here is one of the wagons at Mule Day 2011
Cannon Fire to open Mule Day 2011.
Mr Hay fires his cannon and make a lot of noise to start the Mule Day 2011 
Old Iron Display. 
A trailer full of small engine collection for all shapes and sizes. And they all run. At Mule Day 2011
Mr. John Kendrick does a plowing demonstration at Mule Day 2011.
Weogufka Center Mule Day
Mules in waiting for the plowing demonstration.
Note: Not pictured are the Winners of the Mule Day 2011 Mr. Donald Ellison of Clanton Alabama. And theBest Horse and Wagon Award winner Thamas Dove and Jimmy Stubbs. Also the Travlers Award goes to Thomas Dove and Jimmy Stubbs.
The Judge Ms. Sara Baldwin is a Horse Owner and trail rider. She describes herself as "a trail riding fool who rides in 50 mile 2 day trail competitions. Where horses are judged on soundness, condition, and soundness, conditions, and manners." Sara Baldwin has entered 38 trail riding competitions in 12 states in the past five years. The Weogufka Center is proud to have Sara as our official judge at the Mule Day event.
Weogufka Center Mule Day
Mr. John John Kindrick accepts award from Lane Payton Mule Day coordinator.
Weogufka Center Mule Day
Mr Sydney Yates accepts award from Mule Day Coordinator Lane Payton
Weogufka Center Mule Day
Lane Payton demonstrates a planter during the plowing demonstration.
Weogufka Center Mule Day
Mr. Ladon Dewell of the South Alabama Mule Association makes the 170 mile trip from Sanford Alabama to be at the Weogufka Mule Day Event.
Weogufka Center Mule Day
A demonstration of the Sod Buster Plows.
Weogufka Center Mule Day
Mules and equipment are transported from all over to be at the Mule Day event. 
Weogufka Center Mule Day
In the old days it took a lot of equipment to dress out a Mule for a days work in the fields.  
Weogufka Center Mule Day
Mule owners discuss the collection of equipment to be used at the mule day events.
Weogufka Center Mule Day
Not all the animals to see at the Mule day events are Mules. These are two HalfLink Horses.
Weogufka Center Mule Day
This little bugger is called a Jack. And he made his appearance know when he arrived at the Mule Day Event. 
Weogufka Center Mule Day
One of the Plowing demonstrations was done by Mr. Billy Mann and his Mules. Billy Manns Mules won the prettiest pair at the Weogufka Center. 
Weogufka Center Mule Day
Mules and Wagons are a big part of the Mule Day Event. And yes there are rides available.
Weogufka Center Mule Day
Mule Day is one of the largest crowd pleaser events at Weogufka each year. Last year the Coosa County Sheriff department who parked all the cars estimated a crowd of over 2500 people to attend. 
Weogufka Center Mule Day
Blacksmith demonstration was the winner of the Crafts show at the Mule Day.  Shown in this picture in Mr. Phillip Box of Auburn Alabama with his all Stainless portable Blacksmith Shop. 
Weogufka Center Mule Day
Mules need shoes too! One of the most interesting demonstrations at the Mule day is the Mule Shoeing demonstration.  
Weogufka Center Mule Day
Mules and Farm Equipment is a big part of all our Mule Day events. The owners of the equipment explain how it works and where it came from 
Weogufka Center Mule Day
Mule  day is an education as well as entertaining day. Not only do you see the plowing and other farm equipment work you also get a explanation on it's use in the field.   
Weogufka Center Mule Day
There are Mules, Food, Music, and Vendors at the Mule Day Event. This is an all day event. Bring your folding chairs and have a fun day.
Weogufka Center Mule Day
Music is a big part of the Mule Day at Weogufka. There is alway something going on under the old oak tree. And for the 2011 mule day there was two big stages with 22 entertainers. There was the Music Under the Old Oak Tree Stage and the Gospel Stage in the Gym Building.  Shown here is Buddy Camp and The Camp Meeting Singers as they appeared at the Weogufka Center.
Why Not be a part of the Weogufka Mule Day for 2013? Mule Day 2013 will be held at Weogufka Center on April 20th 2013.
Mule Owners contact 334-578-1364 and bring your Mule, Wagon, Buggy, Farm Equipment, or any animal or farm product you think would be fun on Mule Day.  But if you have nothing to enter in the Mule Day-Just bring your folding chair and spend the day seeing the mules, listening to music, enjoy the food. visit with your neighbors, and see our heritage on display all day.
The Weogufka Center
Mule Owners Club.
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