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 Weogufka Center'
"Air Conditioned with Good Shows, Good Food, Good People, Where the Good Times Roll!"
Caught on Candid Camera at the the Weogufka Center.
Having a good time. Of course you always have a good time at the Weogufka Center. Come down enjoy a dinner and show and you may be on the Weogufka Candid Camera!
"Scroll Down, See if you know any of the folks in the photo's.
It's OK to laugh"
You may see yourself or someone you know having a good time! and if not come on down to Historic Old Weogufka and join us! You'll have a good time!

Folks enjoy a Catfish Dinner and A great Premier Southern Gospel Show at the Weogufka Center.
The Big Buses come to the Weogufka Center during our premier gospel Shows. This one belongs to the Diplomat Quartet. And was at the Weogufka Center on August 10th 2013.

Joey Moore on a lift to Fix the flag pole for a new flag

Bobby Ezekiel running the cherry picker to hoist Joey Moore up the flag pole

Joey Moore up the flag pole

New Shingles for the roof on the main building which is 80% Completer

 Principal Roy Green just like the Army
I'll cross my arms it's a sign I like the show 
I'm into this homecoming food.
I'm relaxed don't bother me.
I'm thinking.
It's a good show.
The Coffee is good at the Billy Wayne Alexander Coffee club during the Weogufka Center shows and the price is right.
It's a fun time
I'm happy just don't look that way.
A drink in the hand is worth two in the bush. 
Who said he could sing? 
It's a food time when it's Mule Day At Weogufka Center There's some great Music
Good Cooking and good times are always part of the day at Weogufka Center
Picking and grinning a way of life at the Weogufka Center
Folks come for the fun and the vendors. Weogufka Center is Good time Place
Big Companies, Little Companies and just plan folks sell the products at the Day Events at the The Weogufka Center
Every eye is on the stage as another great performance comes to the Weogufka Center. Where there is always a good clean family type show.
When the music is good and the price is right you know you're going to have a good time. Join your friends for some good times at the Weogufka Center. 
When there's good friends and good music you can bet it's a good time. And at Weogufka Center the good times just keep on coming.
Good Times, Good Gospel Music, What could be better than that? Good times always roll at the Weogufka Center dinner theatre.
Good Food, Good Show, Great time with Friends
don't let the word get out about this place!
We came we saw and we like the Weogufka Center
Birthday Parties are a big thing at the Weogufka Center. Why not join us and have your party with us. You bring the cake, invite your friends, and we'll sing you a happy Birthday.
The economy is never bad when your have a good time.
It's all about Good Times at the Weogufka Center with a good show, good food, and good times all at a good price.
Voluneers on the serving line at the Weogufka Center
Good Conversation and Good Times are a trade mark at the Weogufka Center
Good Food and Good times at the Weogufka Center Shows
They all get together and the good times roll.
Leisa Mathis Let's the good times roll.
Coosa County Commisioner Distric One Mr. Fred Brooks lets the Good times roll
Good Friends, Good Times!
Good Food makes for Good times!
The Show is always good with good friends and good fun!
A great night out with that special someone at the Weogufka Center
Time flys when your having fun, let the good times roll
This is a family place, and we have fun.
Enjoy a night of entertainment at the Weogufka Center and Enjoy the Best entertainment deal in Alabama.
Remember how good the shows were when it was a more simple time and there was no bad language, well it still that way at the Weogufka Center.
Have your birthday or anniversary at the Weogufka Center during one of our shows and we'll sing happy birthday to you!
Your going to have a good time and great food at our shows!
It's party time!
Here's to the good times!
People enjoying a great night at the Weogufka Center
Good Shows with good friends makes for a good evening!
And not all the good time shows are inside, some are under the old aok tree!
Sometimes we clear the dance floor and the good times roll!
And sometimes the good times brings on a fashion show!
And when we're too tired to stand up and pick we just set down. But the good times still roll at the Weogufka Center!
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