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Songwriters Club

Corene Lackey

Chapter of the Nashville Songwriters Association
Our members meet once per month to play and discuss our new songs and have a short lesson on Songwriting Basics.  Our songwriters are involved in several public performances.  We play every Friday night from 6-8 pm at the Raspberry Bakery in Sylacauga. We also play at Cheaha State Park, and other venues.  About three times each year we host a Songwriters Showcase at the Weogufka Center.
In other exiting news, our group has been invited to be WKGA Kowaliga Country Radio (97.5 FM)  in Alexander City. To hear our songwriters on radio, tune into Kowaliga Country Radio 97.5 FM on Thursdays at 4:00 pm and listen for a program called "Hometown Sounds".  You can also listen via the internet  at www.wkga975.com

For details and information!
Tor to Join the Weogufka Songwriters Contact
Corene Lackey 256-245-3200
To hear the songs of the Weogufka Songwriters link to this website:

The Weogufka  Songwriters
Membership List!

Corene Lackey
Frankie Lackey
Evonne Lackey 
Cabot Barden 
Tony Turner 
Misti Payne 
Roger Vines 
Rick Haynes
Charles Merkel 
Gary Carlisle 
Jean Baxley
George Brown
Ryan Shurette 
David Luck
Ben Cleveland
Presley Boswell
Scott Fowler
Charles Hulett
Bill King 
Dean McConatha
Ann McGrady
Frank Allen
Jimmy Brock
Mo Bryant
Mitch Emmons
Wes Scott
Stewart Simpson
Perry Dunkling
Joe Hudson
Carol Stober
Theresa Yeager
Pam Jenkins

Weogufka Center Songwriters Perform on    WAXC-TV in Alexander City!


Weogufka Center Songwriters meet each Month in the (Historic Old Weogufka High School Home Economic Building) on the campus of the Weogufka Center.
2:00 pm on First Sundays.
For up to date information call Ms. Corene Lackey at 256-245-3200 

Free! Bring your song and join us!





Songwriter Cabot Barden


Songwriter Bill King on stage at the Weogufka Center

Songwriter Cabot Barden on Stage at the Weogufka Center

Songwriter Ann McGrady on Stage at the Weogufka Center

The way it works, make 20 copies of your song. come to the Weogufka Center Songwriters Workshop. Sing your song for the group. They will evaluate the song. Write comments on your copies and give them back to you. When you have your song the best it can be then you join through the Weogufka Center Songwriters Chapter the Nashville Songwriters Association International to get your song to Nashville. 

Weogufka Center supports the art of Songwriting. Shown here in a workshop of songwriters at the center in July 2013

Songwriters Workshop in July 2013 at the Weogufka Center. Come join the workshops they are free to anyone who has an interest in Songwriting. 

Songwriters cutting the Birthday cake with Frankie Lackey during the Weogufka Center Songwriters Workshop in July 2013


Happy Birthday Celebration for NSAI representative to the Weogufka Center Songwriters Frankie Lackey with his wife and fellow songwriter Yvonne. At the July Songwriters workshop in the Home Economics building on the Weogufka Center Campus.

Mark Lyle from Georgia is the guest songwwriter and headliner at the Weogufka Center June 30th Songwriter showcase.

Evonne and Frankie Lackey join together to sing a song they cowrote together on the Weogufka Center Stage. Frankie is NSAI representive for the Weogufka Chapter of the Nashville Songwriters Association Interntional. Weogufka Center is a member with over 20 songwriters in the club.

Evonne Lackey sings an original song for the first time on stage at the June 30th Songwriters Showcase.

David Luck sings an original song at the June 30th Songwriters show at the Weogufka Center

Cabot Barden Weogufka Songwriter on Stage at the June 30th Show.   

Tony Turner belts out an original song on the Weogufka Center Stage during the June 30th Songwriters Showcase.

Presley Boswell appears on the Weogufka Songwriters Showcase shown here with songwriters Roger Vines and Ann McGrady June 30th 2012

Weogufka Center Songwriters appear on WAXC-TV at Alexander City during March 2012

The 2010 Singer-Songwriter Winners
Left to Right Ryan Shurette, Tony Turner, Frankie Lackey, Misti Leigh Payne, and Nashville songwriter Jeff Pearson

Troy Jones Hit song writer apprears at Weogufka Center. Writer of great hits Shift work, I'm pretty good at drinking beer, and God is great, beer is good, people are crazy.

Songwriter Marty Fortner

Songwriter Debra Thompson

Songwriter Ryan Shurette

Songwriter Mary Lou Faulkner

Songwriter Tony Turner

Songwriter Jennifer Vinson
Songwriter Misti Leigh Payne

Songwriter Frankie Lackey
Songwriters Frankie Lackey with Weogufka Songwriter Director Ms. Corene Lackey

Songwriter Chris Warren

Weogufka Singer-Songwriter Chapter meeting of the Nashville Songwriters Association International
Frankie Lackey Representative for the Nashville Singer-Songwriter Association International

Songwriter Ann McGrady

Songwriter Cabot Barden

Reporter Daily Home Newspaper Sylacauga Alabama Jim Smothers supporter of the Weogufka Center Songwriters

Ryan Roberson "The Songwriting Judge" Appears at the Weogufka Center. Ryan is a published songwriter and makes his day job as Probate Judge.

Big Crowds attend the Singer-Songwriter Showcase at the Weogufka Center.

Ryan Roberson the Songwriting Judge appears at the Weogufka Center.

Weogufka Center Songwriter Workshop with Frankie Lackey Nashville Songwriters Association International in session at the center. The workshops are held each month and gives local writers a chance to have their creations analized and there are also songwriting classes held during these workshops to teach the art of songwriting

Rebecca Walker Jones a native of London England and a songwriter from Montgomery Alabama does an original song while appearing at the Weogufka Center.

Lewies Van Der Merwe a Native of South Africa. Songwriter from the Montgomery Alabama NSAI chapter on Stage at the Weogufka Center. 

Donna Brown Montgomery Songwriter does an original song at the Weogufka Songwriters Showcase. Donna is President of the Montgomery NSAI songwriters.

Ken Forbus on stage at theWeogufka Center during the Songwriters showcase.

Renny McNaughton Greenville Alabama Songwriter appears at the Weogufka Center Songwriters Showcase

Temple Adams of Montgomery Alabama sings his songs at The Weogufka Songwriters Showcase.

Appearing at the September 2011 Songwriters Showcase from Front Row Left to Right.
Presley Boswell,  Donna Brown, Gary Carlisle, Rebbecca Walker-Jones, Lori Ann McGrady, Cabot Barden, Back Row: Temple Adams, Renny McNaughton, and Lewies Van Der Merwe
Songwriter Presley Boswell Chairman of the Weogufka Center and supporter of the Weogufka Center Songwriters Club. Member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International. The Weogufka Center promotes arts and entertainment in the central Alabama Area. Do make arrangements to attend one of our shows and be sure to see the next Songwriters Showcase at the Weogufka Center.
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